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Sync leads & opportunities with HubSpot for co-sell


Integration with HubSpot enables the bi-directional referral & syncing between HubSpot opportunities and other partners like APN Customer Engagements Program and thus makes co-selling possible.


It is strongly recommended that you create a user that is dedicated for integration purpose, either for Suger alone or for all integrations. After integration, all Suger's operation on your HubSpot will be performed by this user.

We need the following permissions:

  • crm.schemas.companies.write
  • crm.schemas.contacts.write
  • crm.objects.companies.write
  • crm.objects.contacts.write

To satisfy this requirement, you need to ensure the delegation user has "view" and "edit" permissions on CRM contacts, companies, and deals, as well as permission to "edit property settings".

For example, the following permission set would suffice:

Create Integration

We created a HubSpot App called "Suger". You can easily complete the integration with the following steps:

  1. Click the "Connect" button on the "Integrations" page.

  2. HubSpot's authorization page will open up in a new tab, asking you to login (if you haven't yet), and select an account to start the integration.

  3. Login and select your account, and click "Choose Account".

  4. Review the permissions, and click "Connect App".

  5. The integration status will become "Created". Now locate the HubSpot integration in the list, and click "Verify".

  6. Suger will attempt to read a few opportunities to verify the connection, after which the "Status" will become "Verified".

  7. Now you are all set!

Delete Integration

To delete the integration, simply click the 🗑️ button in the "Integrations" list. We will remove any credentials in our system. You can also stop the integration by uninstalling the Suger App in your HubSpot account settings.