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Pricing Model

GCP Marketplace Product Pricing Models


There are four pricing models for the SaaS product in GCP marketplace: Free, Subscription based, Usage based and Combined. You can choose one or multiple of them in your product listing.


Customers only pay for the Google Cloud resources that they use. If you are offering your product free of charge, skip to Submitting your pricing for review.

Subscription based

It is also called as commit-only pricing model. Customers pay a flat monthly or yearly fee for using your software, no matter how much usage they actually use finally. For partial months, the cost is prorated. Customers can change their subscription plan to increase their service level or subscription period, such as:

  • Switch from a shorter subscription period to a longer period, within the same service level. For example, customers can switch from a Standard monthly plan to a Standard 1-year plan.

  • Upgrade from a lower to a higher service level, with the same or a longer subscription period. For example, customers can upgrade from a Standard 1-year plan to a Pro 1-year plan.

  • A combination of the changes above.

Usage based

It is also called as pay-as-you-go pricing model. Customers pay for your software based on measurements that you choose, called metrics, such as data or storage. For example, you can set your price by gibibyte-hours of storage. If you choose a usage-based pricing model, your app must measure and report usage information to Google. The following table includes examples of some metrics:

Metric NameMetric UnitMetric Price per Unit
compute service2 CUP, 8GB RAM per hour as one unit$0.1
storage service1GB per hour as one unit$0.04
network volume1GB as one unit$0.2


In a combined pricing model, customers pay a base subscription fee for using your software, and additional charges based on their usage. You can include a specific quantity of usage in your base fee. For example, the following pricing model has base subscription plans that include a number of API requests, and additional charges as customers increase their usage:

Standard PlanPro PlanEnterprise Plan
  • $10 / month subscription fee
  • $0 per request for 1000 API requests
  • $0.002 per request for 1000+ API requests
  • $40 / month subscription fee
  • $0 per request for 2000 API requests
  • $0.005 per request for 2000+ API requests
  • $100 / month subscription fee
  • $0 per request for 10000 API requests
  • $0.008 per request for 10000+ API requests