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List Product

List your SaaS products in GCP Marketplace, fully managed by Suger on your behalf.


List your products/services via GCP Producer Portal, so your clients can search & buy your listings in GCP Marketplace. There are three parts to complete for listing a SaaS product, they are Product Details, Pricing Model and Technical Integration. More details can be found in the official guidance.

Product Details

Add listing info and marketing info about your product, including:

  • Product Name
  • Product Logo Image
  • Product Overview / Description
  • Product Search Keywords
  • Product More Info URL
  • Privary Policy URL
  • Support URL
  • Support Email
  • Sales Contact Email

Pricing Model

Select the pricing model, configure the price & metrics (if applicable), and submit it for GCP review.


Technical Integration

The technical integration includes two parts: Billing Integration and Frontend Integration.

  1. Billing Integration. On the Overview page of your product in the GCP Producer Portal console, go to the Technical integration section and click on BILLING INTEGRATION. Link two service accounts with three integrations as listed below.

    Service AccountsIntegrations
    • Partner Procurement API integration
    • Cloud Pub/Sub integration
    • Service control API integration (Only for product with usage fees)
  2. Frontend Integration. On the Overview page of your product in the GCP Producer Portal console, go to the Technical integration section and click on FRONTEND INTEGRATION. Enter the fields as shown in below image with the values as shown in below table.

    Input FieldValue
    Sign up URL{your-suger-org-id}/{your-gcp-product-id}
    If Enable SSO loginSSO URL:{your-suger-org-id}/{your-gcp-product-id}
    If Disable SSO loginLogin URL:{your-suger-org-id}/{your-gcp-product-id}
    • No matter enable or disable the SSO login, the login URL is the same as{your-suger-org-id}/{your-gcp-product-id}.
    • If enable SSO login, the redirected login URL contains three query parameters: partner, sugerEntitlementId and x-gcp-marketplace-token. Here is the official guidance to verify the x-gcp-marketplace-token JWT token.
    • If the SSO login is not enabled, the redirected login URL doesn't contain any query parameters.
  3. Run the below command in the GCP console terminal to grant the serviceConsumer & serviceController roles to for your product listing.

    gcloud endpoints services add-iam-policy-binding \
    {your-gcp-product-id}.endpoints.{your-gcp-marketplace-project-id} \
    --member='' \
    gcloud endpoints services add-iam-policy-binding \
    {your-gcp-product-id}.endpoints.{your-gcp-marketplace-project-id} \
    --member='' \

    To make the product listing public alive,

    gcloud endpoints services add-iam-policy-binding \
    {your-gcp-product-id}.endpoints.{your-gcp-marketplace-project-id} \
    --member='allUsers' \

Set Product Signup URL

Suger will automatically sync with GCP Marketplace and pull all your listed products info. You can see all your listings on Suger Console Product page. Select the product listed in the previous steps, and click the buttion EDIT in Product Info section. Fill your product Signup URL in the input field of Fulfillment URL, and click SAVE.

Signup URL Redirect

  1. After purchasing the product, your buyer is directed to first,
  2. Then it is redirected to your product Signup URL with two query parameters sugerEntitlementId & partner, for example, https://your-product-signup-url?sugerEntitlementId=1234abcd&partner=gcp.
  3. Your service need to collect this sugerEntitlementId and save it with the account created by the buyer.
  4. More details can be found here.

Login URL Redirect

  1. After the buyer has purchased the product and completed the signup process via the Signup URL Redirect, they will subsequently be redirected to the login URL specified in the GCP Marketplace integration, as shown below.

  2. If the login URL in GCP Marketplace integration is empty, the Fulfillment URL in Product will be redirected to.