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List Product

List your SaaS products in Azure Marketplace, fully managed by Suger on your behalf.


You can list your SaaS products via Microsoft Partner Center, so your clients can search & buy your services in Azure Marketplace.

List Product as Offer

In Microsoft Partner Center, all products are listed as Offer. Don't get confused, the Offer in Azure is equal to the Product in AWS, GCP & Suger platform.

  1. Follow the offical guidance to list your SaaS Offer.

  2. In the Technical Configuration section, enter the input fields with the values as show in below table.

    Input FieldValue
    Landing page URL{your-suger-org-id}
    Connection webhook{your-suger-org-id}
    Azure Active Directory tenant IDThe ID of the Azure AD Tenant associated with your Microsoft Partner Center. Here for more details.
    Azure Active Directory application IDThe ID of the Azure AD Application created & added to your Microsoft Partner Center. Here for more details.

Create Plans

You can create one or more plans for the product offer created in the previous step. Each plan can select one of two pricing models: either Flat Rate or Per User. All plans in the same offer must be associated with the same pricing model. For example, an offer cannot have one plan that's flat rate and another plan that’s per user.

Set Product Signup URL

Suger will automatically sync with Azure Partner Center and pull all your listed products info. You can see all your listings on Suger Console Product page. Select the product listed in the previous steps, and click the buttion EDIT in Product Info section. Fill your product Signup URL in the input field of Fulfillment URL, and click SAVE.

Signup URL Redirect

  1. After purchasing the product, your buyer is directed to first,
  2. Then it is redirected to your product Signup URL with two query parameters sugerEntitlementId & partner, for example, https://your-product-signup-url?sugerEntitlementId=1234abcd&partner=azure.
  3. Your service need to collect this sugerEntitlementId and save it with the account created by the buyer.
  4. More details can be found here.