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Create and manage AWS marketplace Channel Partner Private Offer (CPPO) in Suger service


The Channel Partner Private Offer (CPPO) empowers Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to grant Channel Partners access to wholesale pricing for their software solutions. This functionality enables ISVs to delegate the financial and contractual aspects of customer relationships within the AWS Marketplace to their Channel Partners.

Within the Suger platform, ISVs/Sellers can efficiently oversee CPPO resell opportunities, CPPO private offers, and CPPO entitlements in a unified manner. Additionally, CPPO entitlements benefit from overage usage metering support when the relevant usage metering dimensions are available.

CPPO Resell Opportunity

You, as ISV/Seller, can authorize channel partners to resell your products by creating a 'CPPO resell opportunity' for these partners in Suger Platform. Click the button of Create CPPO in the Suger console offer page, select the target AWS SaaS product and fulfill the info listed as below:

  • Opportunity Name: Custom name for your opportunity will be displayed to the reseller.

  • Reseller Account: Reseller account that is attached to this opportunity.

  • Buyer(s): To constrain resale to specific buyers, add buyer AWS account ID. It is required if it is a Renewal Opportunity.

  • Commit Amount: How much the buyer need to pay for the contract private offer created by this opportunity.

  • Usage Dimension Absolute Price: Configure the absolute price of each usage metering dimensions. An example is shown below:

  • Expiry Date: The opportunity is valid by the expiry date.

  • End User License Agreement: Select the EULA between Standard AWS Marketplace Contract and your custom contract.

  • Flexible Payment Installments(optional): Specifies payment installment details, applicable only to Contract offers.

  • The CPPO resell opportunites are stored in Suger platform as Offers with type = CPPO_OUT.

CPPO Private Offer

After the CPPO resell opportunities have been created, authorized channel partners can offer one or more of the products on AWS Marketplace. They will extend CPPO private offers to the end buyers based on these resell opportunities. Suger promptly receives notifications as soon as these CPPO private offers are generated.

  • The CPPO private offers are stored in Suger platform as Offers with type = CPPO.

CPPO Entitlement

After the end buyer accepts the CPPO private offer initiated by the channel partner, Suger automatically generates an active entitlement for the transaction. The CPPO Resell Opportunity, CPPO Private Offer and CPPO Entitlement are interconnected, providing ISVs/Sellers with a comprehensive overview of the entire CPPO deal process.

  • The CPPO entitlements are stored in Suger platform as Entitlements with type = CPPO.