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The definition of resources managed in Suger service


There are multiple types of Resources defined and managed by Suger to faciliate your sales, contract management & metering on multi marketplaces. Besides the User & Organization mentioned in the Account Management, they are:

Resource TypeDefinition
ProductThe product or service listed in Marketplace
OfferThe private or public offer that the buyer can accept in the marketplace. It must be connected with one Product.
EntitlementThe contract that one buyer has purchased your product in the marketplace.
BuyerThe client who has purchased your product the marketplace.

Resource Mapping

The resources defined in Suger has 1:1 mapping to the marketplaces. They may have different name in different marketplace. Here is their terminology mapping table:

AWS MarketplaceProductPrivate OfferEntitlement, Subscription or AgreementCustomer
Azure MarketplaceOfferPlan or Private OfferSubscriptionPurchaser
GCP MarketplaceProductOfferEntitlementUser Account

Here is their ID mapping:

SugerProduct External IdOffer External IdEntitlement External IdBuyer External Id
AWS MarketplaceProduct CodePrivate Offer IdAgreement IdCustomer Identifier
Azure MarketplaceOffer IdPlan Id or Private Offer IdSubscription IdPurchaser PUID
GCP MarketplaceProduct IdOffer IdEntitlement IdUser Account Id